Sooooo Tumblr …

I’m ONE follower away from getting 300 … is there ANYONE who would like to be that LUCKY person?! 

Yes, no … maybe? 

So I have this funny feeling …

That through Sanditon I may get more followers on Twitter of a fictional version of me than the real version of me …

And that is both sad but AWESOME/FUNNY at the same time!!! ;D

I have so many new followers as of late, and I feel as though I cannot thank you all enough!!

So here’s a bucket of gifs for you all! Take your pick!! :D And THANK YOU for your follow!!! :D 

So I realize I’ve had this Tumblr for about 3-4 years now …

That’s a LOT of life documented.

And since I’m thinking about it I just want to thank all of my lovely followers, new and old, for following me in my journey of life through text post and image, as well as gifs and photos of the things I love!

That is all!! :)


I just wanted to give a shoutout ..

To all those wonderful and amazing followers who have stuck with me so long! I just want you to know that I really appreciate you and hope that I keep your dashboard satisfied ;) 

Also, if I’ve ever sent you a message, and even if I haven’t, I am sending you all a huge HELLO and a hug, if you need one ;) 

That is all! Have a lovely day! 

Not that anyone cares ..

But it’s funny that I’m not here much anymore .. that makes me sad that the time slips away.

I really miss messages though. I truly do. :/

Dearest Tumblr followers,

I’m going on vacation … to FLORIDA!!! Whooo! For the first time in my life! I’ll be in Universal Studios and Harry Potter World, bam! :D

So on that note, please oh lease oh please oh PLEASE don’t unfollow me!! I will be back and will post some pictures and such if you really want! :) 

And if you’re one of those jerks who are like, “well now that she said that I’m definitely GOING to unfollow her”, think again. :P

*blows a kiss* But until then, all my love!! <3 
And may the force be with you!

On the offchance someone finds me tremendously fascinating ..!/MaidenMel

Wants to apologize to everyone!

My computer has been acting up the past couple of days and I can barely get my internet to cooperate with this. So I’m sorry for the lack of posts!

I love you all :) Please don’t leave me!

Has an empire of “friends” on Facebook and I’m like, nahh. I’d prefer Tumblr followers. ;)
Best and Worst.

The best reasons about having a boyfriend that goes to a different school:

1. Congrats, you’re a full maturity level beyond most people our age. If you can maintain not only a good relationship, but a strong and healthy one without being near each other every day at school AND after school all the time every second, that’s always a good thing.

2. You can wear their school sweatshirt and feel super cool about it. And then later that night fall asleep in it as well.

3. Your friend group expands by a LOT. Plus these people don’t see you every day so they can’t get annoyed with you. And if you win their hearts, they could be even better friends than the ones at yours school. Not to mention you attend double games, double performances, double proms, the works!

4. If unfortunately you get into a fight, there’s no in-school awkwardness. No avoiding each other, no one-way attention, no cold shoulder. You just get your own space to think about it, and later come back to them and solve it.

5. Your relationship is more personal. At school relationships are put on display under magnifying glasses. Everyone watches you. Separately it’s harder to do so. It still happens, true, but definitely not nearly as much. They have their friends, you have yours, there’s your “our” friends and then there’s just you two.

And of course, the worst reasons:

1. Funny enough, sure you don’t see them every day, but damn there are just some days you wish like heck you did see them every day.

2. You may have the same interests, but you can’t be involved in the same school activities. Which is a bummer, and equals to even less time with them.

3. If they’re there, they have a more active role in your school life. Instead of being updated on your life, they’re actually present for more of it. It’s nice having someone to walk with and each lunch next to. Discuss what disgusting shit you’ll be eating for the day ..

4. If you’re a girl, they don’t get to see how cute you are every day .. ;)

5. And lastly, with them at a different school with conflicting schedules to yours and not a whole lot of time with them, it’s easier to miss them. Some people really like feeling that vacancy in their chest .. that pain of missing someone. It makes them feel connected to them; reminds them that the other means something to them. But frankly I don’t like it. I’d rather remain in content peace in their presence.

But hey, if it means the moments with them are twice as special, in the long run life is good :)

Asked for a single follower, and somehow received 5!!

*blushes and curtsies* Thank you so much all!

(an-ominous-figure, letitbeginwithme, jasminexjiggsawxtricks, softvoiceloudwords, and disabilitree) :D 

ONE more follower until I hit 100!!

Any takers? ;)

I’m OFF to another showchoir competition tomorrow!

This one’s bigger, *crosses fingers* I hope for the best!

Oh, and please please PLEASE don’t unfollow me because my dash isn’t busy for a day. Actually, this concept makes no sense to me. It’s like if I’m not raping your dashboard you unfollow .. I normally follow people because I find them intriguing, not because my opinion of their dash may change one day. I dunno. Wouldn’t following someone who DOESN’T rape your dash but instead floods it nicely be much better anyway?

I dunno .. just me. Crazy weird me. :)

Man! 5 followers in 24 hours! This is a record. Thanks so much guys!