Sooo I took the Pottermore quiz again!

I took it two years ago and got the result of Hufflepuff.

But tonight it gave me Ravenclaw, and let me tell you I really pondered each question and answered what truly felt right in my soul.

So the question becomes, is it realistic to think that I may have changed in two years, to the point where the house result would change? 

I guess I’m just so curious.

Sooooo Tumblr …

I’m ONE follower away from getting 300 … is there ANYONE who would like to be that LUCKY person?! 

Yes, no … maybe? 

SO I’m going to Leakycon this year with my AWESOME cousin RAYE!!

And here’s my check list so far!!

Me as Luna: 
Navy plaid skirt
White button up 
Knee-high grey socks
Blue high top converse
Luna wand
Ravenclaw badge

Me as Hufflepuff self:
Black skirt
White button up
Mustard yellow cardigan
Black knee high tights
Black combat boots

Still need to do/get:
Navy cardigan or pullover (L)
Hufflepuff badge (H)
Dye hair Luna’s color
Cut edges of hair

… I think it’s all for now! Suggestions if I forgot anything or if you think it would be cool to add are welcome!!! Also, apology for  this text post, I like to/need to make lists for myself sometimes!

If I had it my way ..

Hermione would be married to Draco

I would be married to Neville 

Luna would be married to Harry

Ginny can marry whoever she wants

And .. Ron can marry Kenzie!!! 

It’s an all win situation. For reals though. 

I just wanted to give a shoutout ..

To all those wonderful and amazing followers who have stuck with me so long! I just want you to know that I really appreciate you and hope that I keep your dashboard satisfied ;) 

Also, if I’ve ever sent you a message, and even if I haven’t, I am sending you all a huge HELLO and a hug, if you need one ;) 

That is all! Have a lovely day! 

Can I just print out every single page of my blog in color from the beginning of its existence to now?

Kay thanks bye. <3 ;) 


So a couple of things in my life in case you care:

1. I’m back from Harry Potter World!! And let me tell you, the atmosphere was perfect. My family spent the most time there out of any location, but seriously, who wouldn’t? Unless someone asks for details I won’t give anyway, for I know some people like to keep things a surprise until they experience it themselves. So, you’re welcome!! Just know I’m back :)

2. I saw the midnight premier (but in Kansas) and it was awesome, but felt short!! Or, is that just me? Also did anyone notice that the words Ron used to open the Chamber of Secrets were definitely not the same ones Harry used 2nd year? Hmm .. and also Ginny looked younger in the epilogue rather than older .. nonetheless the movie was phenomenal!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER.

3. I may have said some things on here about a boy that I immensely regret. Misread actions turned into assumptions which turned into belief of broken promises and everything was not as it seemed. I feel terrible, and it was not characteristic of me to say things. I suppose you need to vent, but that’s no excuse. My sincerest apologies and I just hope things go up from here!

Thanks for listening guys :)

Dearest Tumblr followers,

I’m going on vacation … to FLORIDA!!! Whooo! For the first time in my life! I’ll be in Universal Studios and Harry Potter World, bam! :D

So on that note, please oh lease oh please oh PLEASE don’t unfollow me!! I will be back and will post some pictures and such if you really want! :) 

And if you’re one of those jerks who are like, “well now that she said that I’m definitely GOING to unfollow her”, think again. :P

*blows a kiss* But until then, all my love!! <3 
And may the force be with you!

Took her senior pictures with her Luna Lovegood wand and Harry Potter books. Hardcore? Only a little .. :)