So.. in Catching Fire ..

I’m beyond the part where Katniss keeps having this inner turmoil between Gale and Peeta. And she’s so flippant, and for such a strong girl she sure isn’t very committed. She keeps whining about her situation and I’m like listen beautiful bitch, just pick one dammit. And if I were you, it would be Peeta. End of story!

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Happy Hunger Games everyone!! Enjoy the movie, because I can’t see it for a while ..
Can I just print out every single page of my blog in color from the beginning of its existence to now?

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Hunger Games Character Test, what what!

Hunger Games character test.

Character you’re most like in THG.


[x] You would do anything to protect your family.

[ ]You have good aim.

[ ] You hate cats.

[x] You like to wear your hair in a braid.

[x] You find sticking to instructions tough.

[ ] You aren’t too fond of people in general.

[ ] You hate being indebted to people.

[ ] You hold grudges.

[ ] You wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.

[x] When you sing, the birds fall silent.

Total:  4/10 


[x] You’re an artist.

[ ] You love to bake.

[x] You can decorate well.

[ ] Manipulating people comes naturally for you.

[x] You’re clever. 

[ ] Your favorite color is orange.

[x] People tend to be charmed by you.

[ ] You’re a fantastic liar.

[x] You’re a hopeless romantic.

[x]You have a strong sense of self.

Total:  6/10


[ ] You question everything.

[ ] You’re very defiant.

[ ] You’re spontaneous.

[ ] You’re a rebel with a cause.

[ ] You would do absolutely anything for justice.

[x] People would describe you as being good-looking.

[x] You’re very loyal

[x] If your friend was in trouble, you’d do anything to try and help them.

[x] You hate your Government

[ ] You don’t mind providing for your family. 

Total:  4/10


[ ] You like sugar cubes.

[ ] Others often describe you as sexy or gorgeous.  

[ ] You’ve been used for your looks.

[x] You’re a skilled swimmer.

[x] When you’re anxious, your hands have to be occupied—with knots or something of that nature. 

[ ] You’re very popular, but don’t want to be.

[x] You’re protective.

[ ] When the person you love isn’t with you, you feel lost and lonely.

[x] There’s more to you than what people see.

[x] You hate it when people judge you or others before getting to know them.

Total: 5/10


[ ] You’re innocent.

[x] You have blonde hair. 

[ ] You adore animals.

[x] You love helping people in need.

[x] People seem to be fond of you.

[x] Over time you’ve become quite wise.

[x] You are nurturing.

[ ] When you’re older, you want to be a doctor or a nurse.

[ ] You have an older brother or sister who would do anything for you.

[x] You are very forgiving.

Total:  6/10


[x] You’re creative.

[ ] You root for the underdog.

[ ] You dress simply.

[x] You stand up for your cause.

[ ] Your hair is simple and easily manageable.

[x] You tend to have brilliant ideas.

[ ] You would be willing to die for a cause.

[x] You are brave.

[x] Your ideas are very ‘out there’ and they stand out from the rest.

[ ] You aren’t like anybody you live with.

Total:  5/10


[x] You’re somewhat materialistic.

[ ] You’ve dyed your hair a wild color. (blue, purple, pink, red…)

[ ] You’re somewhat naive.

[x] You’re chirpy.

[x] You’re punctual and hate lateness.

[x] Etiquette is important to you.

[ ] You’re rich. 

[ ] You can be considered an airhead. 

[ ] While you may seem shallow, you have hidden depths.

[ ] You hate where you work.

Total:  4/10


[ ] You’re very sarcastic.

[ ] You get drunk very often

[ ] People might find you condescending.

[ ] Outsmarting others is a talent of yours.

[ ] You’re very lonely.

[x] You’re very intelligent.

[ ] You tell it like it is.

[ ]You’re dependent on something/someone.

[ ] You’re grumpy.

[ ] You’re cunning.

Total: 1/10 


[ ] You’re a bold, gutsy person.

[ ] People might call you crazy.

[x] You want things to be fair.

[ ] You’ve had a rough time in life.

[ ] You really don’t like most people.

[ ] You have short hair.

[ ] You don’t like being in water.

[ ] You’re defiant.

[ ] You’re lonely.

[ ] You have bad memories which you can’t seem to let go of.

Total:  1/10


[x] You love music.

[x] You’re small and graceful.

[x] You hum often.

[x] You inspire others.

[ ] You’re always hungry.

[x] People underestimate you.

[ ] You’re innocent.

[x] You’re smarter than you look.

[ ] You’re an underdog.

[x] You’re a good singer

Total: 7/10

Hey I’m Rue!!! Sweeeet she’s adorable!! :) Next up would be Peeta or Prim :)