If I see an actor from LOST in anything else I just get so giddy and immediately have to watch it!

Desmond was even in SVU! But .. he played a child molester. Not cool. 

I always get emotional when “Make Your Own Kind of Music” comes on my Pandora .. guys Lost is part of me
I wish I knew how to feel right now.

I move into college tomorrow (it’s 12:32 am, so when I saw tomorrow I mean Thursday) and couldn’t be more excited to start that new chapter in my life and make a nice little dorm room home! I also very badly want to make it look better than the pics I’ve seen of high school classmates who are at their respective colleges already … I guess it’s that “interior designer” in me! 

But on the other hand of college, my parents and I had to start an account to open a loan .. one of many loans that I will eventually have to pay off in years to come. The evening just left me tired, stressed out, worried, emotional and very teary. I literally feel depressed.

But I shouldn’t, because I have the most wonderful, loving and supportive boyfriend that a girl could EVER ask for and he proves to me every day even though I’ve been a raging bitch lately (uncharacteristically :/) that he cares about me and loves me every. single. moment. 

And even though he is amazing and perfect for me I’m still going to miss coming home to my loving and amazingly dorky parents <3 Same thing for those siblings .. ohh my darlings. They’re going to grow up right before me!

Man though. I really must be stuck in some bitchy rut .. :/ 

NOT TO MENTION .. I finished Lost a couple weeks ago and it’s missing from my life!!!!!!! :/ 

Anyway, good night world <3

It kills me inside to know that Claire never saw Charlie’s greatest hits.

And also that they never saw each other again until AFTER Claire died however years later.


I might be dumb for just realizing this ..

But .. in the flashbacks of Claire’s past to when her mother was in the hospital and she met her dad (Christian Shepard) .. Claire is very black, very punky. 

Annnnnd then there’s Charlie. And he also, is quite punky. 

DUH. They’re punky together. Hah :) 

Lovely <3 

FINALLY FINISHED LOST!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 

And don’t hate me, but I’m a “satisfied with the ending” person ..



Can I actually get that song by Drive Shaft? ;) No??? Okay .. :( 

Another “I’m so behind” post ..

So I’ve started watching Lost on Netflix with much perseverance from Andrew, and found that not only do I love the show, but it gives me another reason to look at Dominic Monaghan hobbiting around!! Well, no he’s not a hobbit and yes, he’s an ex-druggie, but he’s still an adorable hobbit to me with an awesome accent! 

.. I like accents, okay? 

Lost in the rain, you came to kiss me again; With you I forget there’s pain, your perfect love leaves a stain.

I guess you just get to a certain point in your life where you realize that no one is fully on your side. Friends that you think are there for you really aren’t. Those who have friends they know they can trust are lucky, lucky indeed. Please hold on to them. If not for your sake then for mine. Hah, what am I talking about. Not that you would care about me. If my friends in real life don’t who says ones on the internet will.
It breaks ones heart to know that she irritates people just by existing; especially when all she does is try to bring other people up because she believes everyone is beautiful. Slowly but surely that belief may be diminishing. High school sucks young-uns. Sure there are fantabulous moments but really it just sucks.
I really don’t know where I belong anymore. Somewhere between my fantasy, romantic, whimsical heart and this money-centered concrete jungle called earth. I know who I am. I just don’t think others do.

Suddenly college is looking better than usual ..
Or even better .. Middle Earth.

Hath lost a follower this eve.

This is inconceivable!!! D:

.. ah what the heck. I’ll survive. I love my blog and that’s all that matters  :)

There she was
sitting on a platform.
Her mind wandered .. 

Situations flip by like a black and white slide show.
Silent laughter and the clink of afternoon tea
at a table in the middle of a meadow. 
Yet the sun is not overhead
wavering its heat on our open shoulders.
Rather from your eyes
piercing mine
spreading to my very fibers
warming through my fingertips.
Basking in the light of making you smile
I look in my lap, trying to hide the arising color of my cheeks.
I notice my empty hands.
Were I only a bit bolder I would take yours.
But I am afraid.
Afraid of the smile disappearing.


"Daddy!" I heard his young voice ringing.
Smiling boldly you run to the porch
your handsome face glowing as you scoop up the boy.
His light laughter echoes down the hall as I follow the sound.
You turned to face me
holding a boy so very like you,
I knew would end up just like you.
You extend your hand to me
and I accept.
We walked to the yard
and watched the sun set behind the forest outline;
forgetting about the half-prepared dinner I left.
So lost without a care.


There she was 
sitting on a platform
opposite him.
She watched his beautiful eyes
blank over.
Slight amusement grew through her chest
and a fond pride.
There her boy goes again.
Off to the world of his own.
If only she were there too.
Anywhere but in that crowded room
disconnected from him.
So strong and silent.
A tightness spread in her heart.
How she longed for him to look her deep in her eyes
and kiss her forehead.
Pull her close to him
like he wanted her by his side always.
Slip his fingers between hers
of his own accord.
"Close your eyes and follow me," he would say.
Leading her gently to a forest far
"Open your eyes" he’d coax.
And upon opening them she was home. 
Somewhere between their hearts and his mind.
He had taken her to that mystical land
where they together would always flee
from the strange world they were stuck
and didn’t belong in.
Kissing her he would lean his forehead against hers.
Looking deep in her big sensitive blue eyes and whisper fiercely,
"I love you. Forever"

People started moving.
"From the top of the show," they’d mutter.
She watched him rise
and walk past her.
Lost, without a glance.
Her eyes followed him
while her heart ached.  

Take me to where the grasses hide me. I’m drowned under the streaky blue sky. Let’s run beyond the city where the trees can touch the clouds. Get lost in the hills and valleys. Kiss me like we’re unbinded, then we’ll stare into the mist. Watch the colors melt into the dark eternity. Dance in a pool of moonlight.