Just trolling along over here, making up chords to the song I’m going to audition for showchoir with :)

"Can’t Take It In" by Imogen Heap. Look ‘er up!! :)


Anon I understand you now!!

Los AlAMITOS .. like the Show Choir!! The National placing Show Choir!
Bahah, no but I competed against them at Nationals last year. I’m on Impulse, from little Iowa :)

One last Show Choir competition of the season.

Whoot. Finally.

Get it.

I won’t be on tomorrow .. a word of warning. Don’t miss me too much! ;)

I’m OFF to another showchoir competition tomorrow!

This one’s bigger, *crosses fingers* I hope for the best!

Oh, and please please PLEASE don’t unfollow me because my dash isn’t busy for a day. Actually, this concept makes no sense to me. It’s like if I’m not raping your dashboard you unfollow .. I normally follow people because I find them intriguing, not because my opinion of their dash may change one day. I dunno. Wouldn’t following someone who DOESN’T rape your dash but instead floods it nicely be much better anyway?

I dunno .. just me. Crazy weird me. :)


We swept that competition. Best choreography, vocals, band, crew, and overall theme. Not to mention first place in 3A and GRAND CHAMPION!!!!

.. oh and I may have received my first metal. Ever.

No big deal. <3

If there were ever a day to get Grand Champion in ShowChoir, today would be that day.

So I’m OFF to go get it!!!! :D

This is one of those moments where I rudely interrupt my blog with a picture from my real life. Okay ;)

ShowChoir = singing, dancing, thongs, spray tans, fake eyelashes, and spandex. Yummy. ;)