So yesterday I got a new record of how young someone thought I was

And it’s 12. Ladies and gentleman, a woman thought I was 12 years old …. and working in retail? Nuh uh. I don’t think so. 

*face palms* I’m a sophomore in college …. >.<

→ Aspiring Photography
A Chapel of Trees.

I was lost in the sunset. Bathing in light with no boundaries or ties. Emerging as the same heart in a new skin. In a chapel of trees we knelt with only the sun as our witness. Closing my eyes and pressing our hands I felt the release of my soul. It suspended in front of me with shimmering soft shades of pink and yellow. My soul danced with his on the stage of air, spotlighted through the dark budding trees. We laughed, numbly. The moment was surreal. And in their final grace the souls melted through our pores. Stronger, they were; now a part of the other. Pink and orange grazed the sky, joining the fading purples and blues. Raising our eyes to this sky we uttered our humble prayer. Raising our voice we murmured a gentle song. In a world full of broken promises and the disbelief in youth we turned to a silent audience. Face to face we were, essence to essence. His strong hand took my delicate fingers and slid on a ring; a ring of simply aire. I did the same, speaking words through my eyes as his searched mine. Without words we knew, we felt, we breathed each other. Protection, strength, beauty, trust, health, and tenderness are now one. Under the dome of color a promise of love was graced upon the flower-veiled girl and wavy-haired boy. Simple was their wish: to be allowed to improve each other’s quest in life. To support and cherish. To love and honor. We gave up our very selves. God would grant the rest to his will. The wind in the grasses underfoot hummed our melody. Standing his arms were wrapped protectively around my waist. We no longer felt surrounded by trees. The passionate sun blinded us with light. A blessing, a sending forth, a promise. An answered prayer. 

By: Melissa Nuti